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Smart Sweep:

  • With a Smart Grain Solutions Grain Conditioning System, a grain storage facility can think for itself.  Smart Grain Solutions has developed a smart grain sweep which can do the same thing.

  • Typically a grain sweep is controlled by a person, or it just continuously drives itself into the grain.  A smart grain sweep can tell when it needs to drive into the grain, and when it needs to wait until the amount of grain coming into it has caught up.  It can also determine if grain has fallen over the sweep and respond by baking itself out.

  • The Smart Sweep helps customers meet the requirements set forth by insurance companies and OSHA standard.  The requirements do not allow individuals to enter a grain bin until the threat of entrapment inside the grain bin has been removed.  We've developed a smart, cost-effective system that can easily be retrofitted to an existing sweep or installed as a new sweep system.

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