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Smart Grain Solutions (SGS) was formed by a team with a wide variety of backgrounds and talents (Electrical Contractors, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Automation Engineers), but who all have a common upbringing: growing up on a farm. That passion and love for agriculture never left, and motivated our team to create the Smart Grain Solutions product line.


The Ag world has fully embraced the world of automation. On today’s farms an owner can be in his tractor controlling his dryer from his cell phone while the tractor drives itself and his phone is getting market updates. Farmers have begun investing in systems which automate their grain storage facilities by attaching monitors to their bin that measure the outside air, along with the environment inside the bin, in order to determine when to operate the fans. Farmers can remotely condition their grain by moisturizing grain when it’s too dry, drying grain when it’s too wet, and receive an alert if spoilage or hot spots develop within the bins. The SGS team saw an opportunity to significantly improve this technology.


Many current grain monitoring systems can only utilize certain specific brands of temperature and moisture cables, and each bin monitor requires a dedicated controller. Our team developed a controller which could read a wide variety of cables and sensors, and uses a PLC system to control an entire site versus just one bin. Now a customer can use any sensors and cables they already purchased instead of being forced to replace perfectly good sensors and cables, and can take advantage of significant cost savings by having one controller for an entire site versus one controller per bin.


After installing our first test units in 2015 and receiving resoundingly positive results, Smart Grain Solutions was formed in 2016, and continues to improve and expand our product line from grain conditioners to complete custom site automation systems.


We are proud to partner with five dealers: Advanced Grain Handling Systems, American Edge Grain, Enzminger Steel, Tri-States Grain Conditioning, Inc, and Vinco, Inc. Through these dealers, we’ve installed units that condition over 100 different bins, varying in size from farm sites to large commercial facilities. Installations range as far north as Minnesota and as far south as Mississippi.


We would love to include you in our story. Please reach out to Smart Grain Solutions, or one of our dealers, so we can tailor a grain solution to your specific needs.

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