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Is my site too small for this type of system?

  • A great thing about this system is that it is configurable down to a single bin, or up to a site with multiple bins. The more bins added to the system, the more economical it gets. Feel free to reach out to any of our dealers for a free analysis and estimate to see if it is a good fit for your site.

Is my site too large for this type of product?

  • These systems have been installed on commercial sites with many grain tanks which have many temp cables in each tank. We have not run into a site that is too large. If this day should ever arrive, our system is configurable to utilize a larger computer to accommodate very large sites with many sensors.

What if the electricity goes out then comes back on, do I have to go out and reset the system?

  • Great question! If the power fails, and is then restored, the system will bring itself back on line and will send you an e-mail or text letting you know that there was an power interruption at the site. If all the fans were running at the time, the system will systematically bring them all back up on line individually, avoiding high electrical demand and the costs that follow these style of incidents.

What kind of commodities can this system handle?

  • Feel free to check out the list of grains our system handles on the home page at the bottom right.

Why did the bottom of my bin get dryer than the top?

  • This system is made to bring an entire bin as close to the desired moisture and temperature as possible. It takes time to accomplish this feat. When setting your moisture limit for the bin, if you increase past the recommended settings to expedite drying (or use heaters to expedite drying) you run the risk of over-drying the lower column of grain. The moisture limit determines when to run the fans, and if it is set so air significantly drier than the grain is being pushed into the bin, that air will bring the moisture down faster.

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