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Let Smart Grain Solutions help you avoid costly energy consumption by allowing us to help you run your fans automatically only when external conditions are conducive to keeping your commodity at the conditions intended.  Saving on regular run cycles is one thing however Smart Grains Solutions can also help you avoid peak demand charges by staging the fan starts across an entire site or adding VFD drives for additional efficiencies.  Aside from all the ways Smart Grains Solutions can bring you energy savings this system also keeps an eye on all of your grain helping you be sure it is in good marketable conditions when you are ready to take it out of the tank.


The Smart Grain Solutions Grain Conditioning Unit uses a combination of instruments to determine the conditions internal to the bin along with the conditions outside of the bin. These conditions are brought to a central PLC system through a combination of temp cables, moisture sensors, a static air pressure sensor, and a weather station mounted externally. With all this data the controller decides when the fans or heaters should or should not run. Not only does this create a system which only allows air into a bin which will be beneficial to the grain, it also creates a system which is considerably more energy efficient than traditional methods.

With the ability to monitor temp cables in real time the controller will alert you and activate fans if a hot spot is detected. Along with temp cables the system can also use CO2 and Moisture sensors to add to the abilities of the system.  With the moisture sensors the moisture of the grain inside of the bin can be shown and monitored, and the CO2 sensors can allow the system to detect bug issues or spoilage.

Smart Grain Solutions has developed this product to have the ability to read a multitude of different kinds of temp and moisture cables, allowing our system to utilize cables already installed in the bin.

Smart Grain Solutions has made it easy to monitor your grain from any location through the use of a smart phone, tablet, or computer, it also has the capabilities to send alerts through e-mails or a texts.

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